We believe safety should be a top priority. NetPlay, together with Huck Seiltechnik, creates limitless design possibilities from exciting climbing structures to relaxing swings. Huck Seiltechnik is the leading global supplier of innovative, inclusive, commercial playground equipment. This exclusive partnership ensure that our play products are made to incredibly high standards and our customer service and delivery are second to none.

What is the key ingredient to fun? Interaction. Our turn-key structures from Huck Seiltechnik gives playgrounds the spice they need to create fun and adventure for park and playground visitors. In creating and manufacturing, Huck uses their years of experience and testing to cater to the motor skills and abilities of a wide range of age groups.

The NetPlay / Huck Quality

We always have safety and durability in mind.

Connecting Elements
Our connecting elements (the tried and tested HUCK knot system) are very durable. With no sharp corners or edges, these features make for a particularly comfortable play experience.

Easy Onsite Replacement
Thanks to the forward-thinking design of the elements of NetPlay USA’s modular systems, it is just as easy replace individual structural elements on-site as it is to replace individual rope pieces within a structure.

To guarantee long-lasting quality, we scientifically test components for their UV resistance. We simulate the behavior of materials in real outdoor situations making sure components do not become brittle or fade over time.

Withstand high stresses
Using a pressure-testing machine we test under maximum pressure. Above all, our ropes are tested for breaking force. Also, all components are subjected to constant checks to ensure compliance and safety.

Abrasion resistance and form stability
Vigorous testing and quality control allow us to check for check material fatigue and wear and tear. This ensures each structure is in accordance with the specified variable movements and specifications.

IPEMA Certification

Through HUCK Seiltechnik, our 3D Play Structures are IPEMA certified as meeting current ASTM F1487 and CSA Z614 Standards for Public Use Playground Equipment. This means you can rest easy knowing your park or playground is well within compliance and your visitors are protected.

Call the Play experts; if you can think it, we can build it!