Spiral Carousel

The Spinner Series develops balance, strength, imagination, and social development. The Spiral Carousel combines two elements into one very exciting piece. It’s a climber and spinner in one. This structure has a grid of nets leading to the top with a unique feature that allows children to push the entire unit to rotate. The floor of the spinner is a flexible platform for children to stand upon.

Also available in ADA compliant version for inclusive play. The ADA Spiral has an opening in the net on one side of the for easy access to the Bird’s Nest with assistance. This rope structure design provides easy handholds and support for the rider.


  • 62 inch galvanized steel pole
  • 5 foot Bird’s Nest platform
  • 8 vertical Netform™ ropes
  • 1 spiral horizontal Netform rope
  • Rotational speed limited to 13 feet per second


Installed Height: 118.5 in.
Use Zone: Ø 295 inches
Fall Height: 92.5 in.
Age Group: 5 – 12 Years
Capacity: 16

*ADA compliant version shown

Use Zone

Spiral Carousel