Bringing Fun, Safety and Skills Growth Back to the Playground

3D Play Structures

Most of us have fond memories of our childhood playground. Remember the hot sting when you stretched up and grabbed those monkey bars? How about the thrill of going up and down on the seesaw, or dangling for dear life from the still rings? Ahh, the joys of youth.

While you were playing on those ancient structures – something wonderful was happening, your imagination was developing, and your creative horizons were expanding. Other important skills were being honed as well including hand-eye coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. You didn’t realize any of this at the time. You were too busy having fun playing with the other kids.

These days, you have likely noticed that the metal playground equipment of yesteryear has long been replaced by bulky, plastic structures. What drove this trend? Safety. Older equipment was labeled dangerous and deemed obsolete. New equipment appeared on old playgrounds. Gone were the metal merry-go-rounds. Gravel on the ground was replaced by shredded tires or rubber mats. The whole experience shifted away from what we remember.

While the intentions were good, in reality, the pendulum suddenly swung in the opposite direction. Due to the design of these plastic structures, which strongly guided children on how to play, very little was left to the imagination. Studies have shown that as a result, children are losing their hand-eye coordination, losing balance and even have weaker bones. The ultimate, unfortunate irony? Children are getting hurt more. Ouch!

Can’t kids play in a world that is both safe and develops the imagination? The answer is yes! That’s where 3D play structures come in. They are made from specialty rope and come in a variety of configurations to stimulate creative play. These include climbers, swings, nests, spinners, bouncers, and even adventure courses. All of these structures are highly interactive and force kids to use their hands, eyes, gain balance, and quell their fear of heights.

Safety is at the heart of these systems. For example, NetPlay USA, LLC systems are designed and engineered in conjunction with certified playground safety inspectors. As a result, many design accommodations are made in the name of safety. For instance, you won’t find any sharp corners on this equipment. Strong abrasion-resistant materials are used and tested regularly and rigorously for strength and durability. They are IPEMA certified as meeting current ASTM F1487 and CSA Z614 standards for public use playground equipment.

While monkey bars and merry-go-rounds are now a thing of the past, having fun while learning and growing is not. With innovative play solutions such as 3D play structures, children can truly enjoy the playground – while developing critical cognitive and physical skills, and, best of all, joyful memories that will last a lifetime.

Rope Climbers for Play & Adventure

NetPlay USA LLC Systems are designed to last years in even the toughest playground environments and immerse children in a challenging, skill-building experience involving climbing, balancing, decision making and risk taking.  Learn more:

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