Boys playing on Spinner

Spin Into Fun With NetPlay’s Diverse Spinner Collection

Are you looking to add some excitement and thrill to your playground? Look no further than NetPlay’s Spinner Collection! These innovative structures bring joy to children ages 5-12 while promoting physical activity and social interaction. With a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, there is a spinner to suit every space and style. Let’s dive into the various types of spinners available to you.


Kids Playing On Birds Nest CarouselBird’s Nest Carousel

The Birds Nest Carousel is perfect for younger kids! We’ve made the classic merry-go-round even better by giving it a cozy Bird’s Nest base and adding ropes for extra fun. This playground structure can hold up to seven children. We also have the Mini Bird’s Nest Carousel if you want a smaller play structure. This play structure can hold up to five children.  Kids will love this eye-catching playground equipment that promotes play and togetherness. Plus, it’s durable and long-lasting thanks to its steel and polyester construction.

Kids Playing On Climbing WhirlClimbing Whirl

The Climbing Whirl spinner is a fun challenge for all ages! By removing the sizeable bottom platform, this interactive play equipment requires kids to focus, climb, and think as they try to reach the middle. With a thick ring to sit on at the widest point, it’s a great way to develop balance, strength, imagination, and communication skills. Whether it’s the main attraction at a playground or part of a larger play area, this freestanding spinner provides endless fun for various age groups and can hold up a large group of up to 20 children. The Climbing Whirl also has its smaller version, the Climbing Whirl Mini, which can hold up to eight children. Whether you want this piece to be the star of the playground or have it as a small addition, it’s undoubtedly a great choice.

Tower Carousel

Add some excitement to the playground with the Tower Carousel! This unique spinner features a vertical rope design and a canister-style basket with a Bird’s Nest floor, perfect for climbing and spinning. The cascading ropes create fantastic shapes, while the central ring adds extra durability. Kids can climb, swing, and hang out in the basket, with their friends spinning them around for added fun. Plus, the enclosed design ensures a safe and secure ride.

 This freestanding play equipment is designed to entertain various age groups, whether the main attraction or just a part of the playground. The Tower Carousel will provide endless fun for years to come. So, get ready to complete your play area with a Tower Carousel!

Kids Playin On Spiral CarouselSpiral Carousel

The Spiral Carousel, our most popular structure, combines climbing and spinning into one incredible piece. Kids will love climbing up the grid of nets to reach the top and then being able to push the whole unit to spin around. The flexible platform on the floor gives children a sturdy surface to stand on while they enjoy the ride.

We also offer the ADA-compliant version of the Spiral Carousel for inclusive play. The ADA Spiral Carousel has an opening in the net for easy access to the Bird’s Nest with some extra help. The rope structure provides plenty of handholds and support for all riders to ensure everyone can join the fun.

Trust NetPlay for Endless Safety and Fun

When you choose NetPlay for your playground needs, you can trust that you are investing in high-quality products regularly tested to ensure compliance, quality assurance, and safety. The spinners feature durable fixtures with no sharp corners or edges for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The Netform™, a steel-reinforced rope with polyester braid comfort-grip surface, makes up the play structures and ensures the safety and durability of the rope elements. To guarantee the longevity of the spinners, NetPlay has made them UV-resistant, so whether they are in an outdoor or indoor play area, you can be sure these spinners will last.

Experience the Thrill of Spinning

NetPlay’s Spinner Collection is a must-have addition to any playground, park or rec plex. These spinners offer endless entertainment for children while promoting a unique sensory experience that engages children’s physical abilities, social interaction, and imaginative play. Experience the thrill of spinning with NetPlay and watch as your playground becomes the talk of the town!


Looking for some excitement? Look no further! Our awesome and fun products are waiting to make your day brighter. Jump into our catalog for fun-filled equipment. Need more details? Reach out to us at or fill out a quote form. Our super-friendly team will gladly assist you. Let’s make each day a bit more extraordinary with NetPlay!