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NetPlay 2023 What’s New?

Start the year off right with our new 2023 NetPlay products!

Introducing the Laola, this adventure rope-play climber will give kids hours of fun and socializing. The ropes and nests integrated into the design create a sense of adventure and an exhilarating play space ideal for children over four years old. If your recreational area needs some thrill, look no further than the brand-new NetPlay Aerial Runway. This child-friendly zipline is made to develop grip strength, balance, and coordination.

Ignite your imagination with the ultramodern Wobble Disk Adventure Bridge. This V-style bridge offers a variety of challenges that enable kids to play freely and discover a miniature magical world. A new addition to the NetPlay Catwalk Adventure Bridge is now available with Robinia wood posts. Robinia posts give any structure a natural feel.

Wobble Disk Adventure Bridge
Wobble Disk Adventure Bridge

Engaging in open play with the Vario Spider Web. Climbers are a great way for kids to practice fine motor skills and engage in risk-taking in a controlled environment. This new playground piece can be incorporated with other elements to create an individualized recreational world.

It’s safety first with the new BigRope Swinger. This item is perfect for their first experience with swings because it allows children to swing back and forth without danger from a great height. Available in multiple color combinations, this swing will be a lively addition to your playground. Join the fun with our added ADA Compliant Spiral Carousel. This modern rope structure design provides easy handholds and support for the little rider, with an opening in the net on one side for easy access to the Bird’s Nest with assistance.

We are always expanding our play systems to add imagination and fun to recreational areas for all ages. Our unique structures are built with signature Netform™, creating a durable yet flexible finish. The final product is a combination of safety and functionality with plenty for kids to explore and develop valuable motor skills. To learn more about these new products click here.

For pricing, ordering, or additional information on product options and details, contact a NetPlay sales representative.

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