The NetPlay Climbers series gets kids excited to play outdoors. Their colorful square and rectangular meshes are the perfect focal point for any park or playground. Using HUCK‘s ultra-durable steel core Netform™ (a steel reinforced rope with comfort-grip surface) climbers are not only safe, but can enjoy your climber for years to come Kids learn to take risks while climbing, soaring, and engaging in open play.

NetPlay USA

Spider Pyramid 6-4

NetPlay USA

Spider Pyramid 4-4

NetPlay USA

Spider Pyramid 6-6

NetPlay USA

Spider Pyramid 8-6


NetPlay USA

Mini X-Pyramid

Pirate's Tower

Mini Pirate's Tower

Bird’s Nest Mini Tree

Bird's Nest Tree

Catwalk Adventure Bridge

Super Climber Midi

Super Climber 2