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Adventures Beyond Parks and School Grounds

Adventure Beyond Parks and School Grounds: The Growing Popularity of 3D Play Structures

These days it’s challenging to get kids to put down their phones and tablets to have some good old-fashioned fun. Thankfully, it’s also difficult for them to resist the lure of a playground. Especially when it offers equipment and experiences that are exciting, different, and inviting. This is exactly what 3D play structures provide. As a result, their popularity is rapidly growing in places beyond the local parks and schoolyards. For instance:

  • Daycare Facilities – allows kids to enjoy their recess time in new ways. They interact with others while enhancing essential skills.
  • Sports Complexes – (indoor and outdoor) – offers something new and different for guests.
  • Zoos & Aquariums – to compete with dwindling attention spans, becoming more interactive has become a critical goal for zoos and aquariums in recent years. As part of this initiative, unused areas are being repurposed as play space. Large spider web structures are a particular favorite for this market.
  • Farms – lately, family farms have become more amusement-type destinations as they explore more ways to attract guests and remain competitive. Couple this trend with the many acres of land, and you have the ideal place for 3D play structures. Typically, custom climbers and obstacle courses are enjoyed here. Having these additional attractions is great for business too. Ticket sales produce an additional revenue stream. Also, more families are drawn to the farms. They hang around for hours of quality time – rather than a quick visit. This means more sales of produce, plants, snacks, cold drinks, crafts, and other goodies typically found on a farm.
  • Wineries and Breweries – while the adults are enjoying their tasty samples, the kids are kept occupied on the playground. When children are having fun, that means they want to stay. When adults stick around, the cash register keeps ringing. (Here’s your friendly reminder to be responsible and designate a driver.)
  • Nature Walks / Paths – ideal for when the kids are tired of walking. Just stop and play.
  • Private Residences – your kids could be the cool ones on the block with a playscape, unlike anything the neighbors have.
  • Rooftops – yes, you read that correctly! Keep in mind, open space is scarce in populated cities. As a result, we see both commercial and residential customers turning to 3D play installations on the roof. Imagine the views!

At least for a while, keeping kids off their devices is an important issue to address. Children need to develop real-life social and motor skills, interact with others and keep moving. We’re proud to be part of the solution as our 3D play structures are finding their way into so many different locations. There are plenty of benefits too. The play areas help many businesses be more kid-friendly, add to the revenue stream, and keep children occupied while learning in a way that brings the adults joy. The tablets and phones will always be there for them when they wind down after an exciting day of play.

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