The 2000

The 2000 Bouncer from NetPlay USA features a sturdy, completely steel frame with reinforcement angles. Galvanized steel frame is available in two easy-to-install styles. Static frame (item 20.02.128) remains fixed in place after installation while the tilt-style frame (item 20.02.123) allows for quick access for maintenance. Your choice of frame included with the bouncer.

NetPlay Bouncers are ideal for use as both individual attractions and recreation highlights. We have an extensive variety of playground Bouncers available in different shapes, sizes, and colors ideal for all age groups suitable for use in play parks, schools, and adventure playgrounds. There are large Bouncers for boisterous bouncing and mini Bouncers for the smaller thrill-seeker. A must-have element for any play area that is sure to get the heart pounding!

Please Note: Bouncers may not be available in certain locations/regions.


  • Galvanized steel base frame included

  • Soft-jump surface is safe and comfortable

  • Abrasion resistant and long-lasting


Overall Size: 118.1 x 88.6 inches
Bounce Area: 98.5 x 68.9 inches
Age Group: 2-12 Years
Capacity: 8
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